Everyday Theology: Religion in the News and Culture


Welcome to an online theological conversation via Grosse Pointe Memorial Church and our website.  The goals is to provide interested members and friends a chance to correspond with Peter Henry and fellow members regarding news, events and cultural happenings that raise questions of faith and theology.

Here is how it works.  By each Tuesday morning, Peter will post either a video and/or small discussion starter at the website.  You will be able to access the latest post via this page.   Listed below will be the five (5) latest discussion pieces.  Click on the title of the post, in blue, to go to the full discussion item.  Authorized participants are welcome to respond to Peter, his questions, and/or one another.  You will find the place for comments at the bottom of each post, not on this actual page.  Peter will moderate the conversation through Sunday evening.  Then, beginning that night, Peter will move the conversation to the next bit of news.

You will need to be able to follow links to various articles and have a web-browser and computer that support viewing mp4 video files.   If you have friends who want to join the conversation, they are welcome to do so.  But they must be approved in advance and demonstrate appropriate dialogue.

Peter can prevent and remove comments that do not measure up to Jesus’ own standard of love of God and love of neighbor.  In this digital age, it is also good to ask, “Would I say this in person?”

Interested in joining us as we take a look at everyday theology?  Contact Carol Wood ( to sign up for the password.


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Too many people think of theology as the province of professional theologians. Religion is in the news and culture all the time. Join us as we apply our faith perspective to what we see here in Everyday Theology.