FROM THE PASTOR (September, 2020)

Dear Family of Faith,

An Update from Mark Diehl, Interim Pastor, Head of Staff

The congregation of GPMC is quickly moving into its next phase of the interim process. Leaders of the History-to-our-Story Team and the Mission Study Team are concluding their work. A mission study produced by the MST will soon be in the hands of the Session, and, with their approval, into the hands of the Presbytery of Detroit. A date for completion of this process could be as early as October. When this phase is complete, the next step will be the election of a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC).

In anticipation of this next phase, the Session has received approval from Detroit Presbytery to begin the process of assembling names of people who will be considered, vetted, and nominated for election to the PNC at a congregational meeting. At this point, our Nominations Committee can receive from the congregation suggestions of names of members who are recommended for consideration to serve on the PNC.

So, during the month of September, you may forward name suggestions to Nominations Committee who you believe could represent the congregation well in the pastoral search process.

Who would be a good candidate to suggest for the PNC? Here are some criteria:

  • Active member in the life of the congregation
    • Participates in worship regularly
    • Engages in bible study through Sunday School or small group
    • Financially supports the church
    • Volunteers and leads
    • Engages in mission outreach
    • Spiritually sound, wise, and grounded
  • Familiar with the people and attitudes and values and mission of GPMC
  • Works well in a group and with a group process, contributing progress to the group’s agenda and goals
  • Shares several of the skills needed by the PNC, including:
  1. Leadership of group process
  2. Analytical and insightful
  3. Spiritually sensitive
  4. Theologically and biblically informed in the Reformed Tradition and Presbyterian polity
  5. Good judge of character/people
  6. Writer/wordsmith
  7. Familiar with GPMC Mission Study
  8. Articulate
  9. Able to listen to, and respect, differences of opinion
  10. Willing to offer alternate ideas even if novel or unpopular 
  • Will devote the time required for the demanding task of serving on the PNC

If you, or a church member you know, have these qualities, gifts, and time, please pass those names to the Nominations Committee. Please email Jim Hooper at or Carol Marks at

Grace and peace,



 “Lord, Listen to your Children Praying” sung by Diane Schoff and Carol Ambrogio Wood

with James Biery, pianist for the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church (Michigan) online service.



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