About GPMC

Grosse Pointe Memorial Church is a 1200 member congregation of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Started in 1865 as the Grosse Pointe Evangelical Protestant Association, our long history is a rich one. The greatest treasures we have are our members. As a Presbyterian church, we are a congregation where every member is a minister.

While Grosse Pointe Memorial Church is served by an outstanding staff of ministers and lay people, we are all called to do God’s work in the world, not just our pastors. In light of that commitment, the following mission & vision statement was adopted in March 2012.

Grosse Pointe Memorial Church

"A light by The Lakeshore"

Sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked as Christ’s own forever, Grosse Pointe Memorial Church is created by God to worship the Lord and serve his people. Sharing God’s love and caring for God’s people, we call disciples of all ages to put faith into action by worshiping God joyfully, welcoming others graciously, supporting one another lovingly and serving all faithfully.

Since the adoption of that mission and vision statement, the leadership boards have undertaken a long-range visioning process called “Memorial 2020.”  It was undertaken in response to the question, “What will we look like in 2020 if we are faithful in our ministries.” A summary of those conversations is here. You can read our 2019 annual report here.

As you glance through the pages, you will find the story of a 21st Century community of faith that has active members of all ages, loving and living as faithfully as we can.  From running groups to senior yoga and children’s gardening, we continue to add new programs to our vibrant congregational life.  Thanks to the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, we expect that we will see even more growth in outreach for all ages, new and creative worship, and a focus on equipping disciples of all ages to share in God’s ministry in the world.