Crossroads Lunch – December 13

On Sunday, December 13, from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm, GPMC members and friends will join with GP Rotary members and friends to serve our annual December lunch to the hungry at Crossroads.

It’s different this year, (everything is different this year), but the hungry still need to be fed and we still need volunteers to serve up sandwiches and fill lunch bags for a carryout lunch.

We are delighted to welcome any of GPMC’s or GP Rotary’s friends and family to help.

We’ll do a lot to minimize exposure:  fewer volunteers,  physically distanced sandwich and lunch bag assembly, all participants masked and gloved, and any other precautions that make sense.

We expect a shorter day because lunches will start being distributed at 11 am.  Plan to arrive at Crossroads at 9:30 am and depart by 1:30 pm.

The goal is to have 12 people cooking, making sandwiches, and packing lunches from 9:30-1:30.

If you are unable to attend for the full shift, sign up for a short shift.  Signup is first come, first served.  If you see we already have 12 or more signed up – email Sue Acton to let her know  you want to be an alternate and provide your phone number.  She’ll call you on December 12 if we have cancellations.

Crossroads is at 2424 W. Grand Blvd, Detroit.

Sign up at this link:

Yes!  I want to help at Crossroads!


Fun making lunches in years past: Crossroads Kitchen and Dining Room

Our 2020 version will be in the same huge kitchen, same huge dining room but with way fewer people, masks, and gloves.  Food will be served at the door instead of inside. 

Same result though.  Lots of hungry people will have a delicious, healthy lunch on a cold Sunday in December and know that God cares for them too. 

Please help make this happen.




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