Electronics Drive


The Outreach Council is supporting the Presbyterian Youth Connection by hosting an Electronics Drive.  Not just any old electronics, we are looking for PC (not Apple) electronics, less than 6 years old, that can be refurbished and upgraded by some amazing Presbyterians that know how to do these things.  They will give them to students who need to connect!


If you live in a PC world and upgrade frequently, we are looking for you!  Bring your old laptops, Android tablets, phones, and chargers to the GPMC lobby on Saturday, October 3 from 9-11 am.  Remove your data first.  If you have electronics to donate, but can’t come to church on that date, email our Outreach leaders: Mitch Groters or Judy Masserang or contact Sue Acton to arrange an earlier delivery to their homes.


Have a heart. Bring some food and support the 313 Drive-Thru Food Drive when you come.



Electronics Drive Flyer



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