GPMC Wins Second Mile Participation Award!

When is it GREAT to be the winner of a participation award?  When it reflects the commitment of GPMC to work with The Second Mile Center in all aspects of its mission.

  • The congregation supports them through Hunger Offerings and individual gifts.
  • The Outreach Council supports them by voting gifts to them regularly and by special gifts, such as the recent gift for playground equipment.
  • The Session and staff support them and share GPMC Elders for local worship.
  • In non-Covid years, GPMC members supported their annual health fair with volunteers.
  • Members go to their charity golf outing which raises funds for their programming.  Many members!  Lots of visible support.

So we are grateful to those of you who have fun through charity.  We are delighted by this “MOST GOLFERS AWARD” and are displaying this symbol of our commitment to our neighbors in a place of honor in the Church Library.

Notice that the shelf is “Church Life.”

GPMC is a church that is very much ALIVE this year.

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