Mission Study Team Update

The Mission Study Team continues leading our congregation’s self-study and is learning about our community. We are now moving toward the culminating Mission Study Report that will be submitted first to our Session, and then to Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry for approval. The Mission Study Report will be informed by the six key activities of our mission study: Congregational Gatherings, Congregational Survey, Financial Review, Demographic Study, and Community Study.

There is still time to complete the Congregational Survey!  We look forward to hearing your thoughts about Grosse Pointe Memorial’s direction for the present and future.  Take the survey here.

The Mission Study Team invites you to participate in our mission study in what will be the most critical part of this process: conversation with our congregation.  Due to the unique circumstances surrounding our ability to gather in person, we will be hosting “Congregational Conversations” via Zoom meetings during existing bible studies and book studies and also through specifically designed Congregational Conversation Zoom meetings. Over the next few weeks, your participation and input will form the shape of our Mission Study Report.

Please make note of the following Zoom meeting dates, and plan to sign up through the signup genius below for ONE of the small-group conversations occurring at the following times/dates:

August 2 -10:15am (Middle Hour)

August 4-7:00pm

August 11- 7:00pm

August 16- 10:15am (Middle Hour)

Sign up to attend a Congregational Conversation

In preparation for thoughtful participation in the small-group conversations, please consider the following questions:

1.Why do you participate in the life of Grosse Pointe Memorial Church?

2.What do you think God is calling GPMC to do and be?

3.How can we strengthen our congregation to respond to God’s call?

Our Mission Study Team has designed this process to engage you in helping to discern God’s voice and mission for our church. Our process will involve careful and prayerful consideration of who we are and who God is calling us to be, as well as the identification of our collective experiences, gifts, passions, perspectives, and the strengths and needs of our community. Please join us as we set off down this path together!

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