Mornings at Memorial

Mornings at Memorial – Early Childcare Learning Center

Available September – May
Monday – Friday, 9 to Noon
For ages 18 months to age 5

Our early childhood care center provides a safe, healthy, and fun atmosphere for your child, while you are away. Your child will play and grow in the company of friends in a loving, Christian setting.

Someone once wisely said that childhood should be a journey, not a race. We keep that philosophy in mind as we plan for enriching experiences that will help your child to develop skills as they play. We want the children to become comfortable, confident, and competent through exploration and fun. Learning to separate from their primary caregiver, to socialize with peers and their teachers, and to problem solve are some of the things we focus on with the children.

We realize that your child is a treasure and that a happy, healthy parent is the best gift a child can receive. We invite you to have a little time away to take of things while your child learns and grows at Mornings at Memorial.

Class Offerings for 2020-2021

TINY TURTLES – AGES 18 months- 24 months

This class offers your child their first introduction to being away from their primary care givers.  Throughout their day an offering of various craft items, stories and dramatic play are encouraged.    Children learn to make prayer hands and thank God for their daily snack and their families. Each child has the opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills.  Learning to separate from their caregiver and share and play with others their age are important developmental steps for this group.


FRIENDLY FROGS –   AGES 25 Months – 32 Months

This class offers a great bridge between home and school.  We know the best way for these children to learn is through play.  So while you may see them singing, dancing, painting, building, pretending, they are very busy learning.  For many, this may be their first experience away from home also.  Much time is spent getting comfortable with our school routine and new friends.  They also enjoys Letter of the week crafts, stories, many fine motor manipulative and more.


CURIOUS CATERPILLARS – AGES 33 Months – 41 months

The children in this class are busy all the time!  Through play, these children are learning to cooperate, share, develop language skills, make friends, and learn to interact in a group.  The opportunity to develop skills in all areas of learning are presented to them daily in a fun and innovative way.  Letter and number recognition is introduced as well as simple writing skills.  Potty training and self-care skills are encouraged.  Children participate in crafts, story and circle times, letter of the week activities, religious activities and more.


EAGER EXPLORERS – AGES 42 Months – 5 years old

This classroom offers a more structured atmosphere.  The children in this room are either already in another preschool or getting ready to attend one.  In this class, the children are guided to various hands on activities that lead to more academic learning, such as letter and number recognition, weather, days of the week/month etc.  They also practice proper pencil grip, scissors use, name recognition/printing and so much more each day, in a Christian setting, as they begin their journey of lifelong learning!


Parents register, pay a fee, and sign their child(ren) up for 1 to 3 mornings a week. For more information, contact the Mornings at Memorial Director, Marie Calcaterra by emailing her or calling (313) 882 5330.

Download the Mornings at Memorial Registration form HERE

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