Show the Love – Share the Love

GPMC wants to share some love and appreciation for Health Care workers in Grosse Pointe who have been SO dedicated and caring over the long haul that is Covid.

We also would like to support local restaurants, who have worked so hard to remain open, employing friends and neighbors and feeding us.

We found TWO ways to help – choose one or both. 

                                                       (1) Write a card or letter of support to a health care worker.  Let them know we care with a personal message. 

                                                       (2)  Buy a $10 restaurant or coffee shop gift card to include with our messages of love.    

  • Where do I drop them off?  The church has a mail slot in the door to the right of the main doors.
  • When do I drop them off?  By February 12 – sooner is fine.  The Share the Love committee will combine the note and cards with gift cards and bring them to the hospitals by February 13.
  • Where are they going?  Healthcare workers at both Ascension St. John and Beaumont Grosse Pointe will be receiving our messages of love and support.  Hospital staff will make the distribution.
  • Is it OK to make a donation so Outreach can buy $10 gift cards?  Sure! Write a check to GPMC OR make an on-line donation – just note SHARE THE LOVE on the donation or in the comments section.
  • Should my the gift cards be for Exactly $10?  Yes, we’d like them to be the same for everyone.
  • Should the gift cards ONLY come from GP locations?  Not required, but remember, they will be given to people who work in GP so it might be nice to give them a local place to support.
  • What if I want to make more than one card or support more than one restaurant?  YES!  There are no limits on the love we share.  FYI, the Outreach Council has “seeded” the project with $1000.
  • What if I have MORE questions?  Call Tamara Gilbert at 313 378-0990.

Whatever YOU do to contribute make it better!

Let’s make Valentine’s Day a chance to Show the Love and Share the Love.

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