Thank you, GPMC

Shelter Week was an amazing success this year.

We missed housing people at the church and the joy of sharing meals here as we have done for eight years.  But we had the joy of collecting an overwhelming amount of food, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and some miscellaneous supplies, and delivering them all to Cass Community Social Services.   We had the joy of welcoming long-time friends and donors to the program and meeting new friends as we collected donations at the church on October 30 and 31.

Cass leadership were on hand to accept delivery and were delighted to start their “Non-Rotating Shelter” season with so many supplies.

Here’s a reminder of what you did, GPMC:

Lunches for 300: including bread, turkey, ham, cheese, fruit cups, juice, cookies and chips.

Breakfast for ??:  The cereal drive brought us more than 40 boxes of cereal

Cleaning supplies:  You donated laundry soap, bleach and lots of disinfecting wipes to help Cass keep people safe.

Hygiene and miscellaneous items:  We found items in our Outreach Closet that were leftover from past events including a good quantity of  toothpaste and brushes, towels, shampoos, socks and smaller quantities of books, movies, and leftover bingo prizes.

Funds:  Outreach Council voted funds and added a Sewers and Knitters donation to provide some support to cover dinners at Cass during this week.

Special thanks to Julie Huellmantel, Jane Fox, and Karol Swenson for coming up with a plan, worrying about implementing their ambitious plan during Covid, and seeing it through.

Also a shout out to Coleen K for continuing their bread donation tradition.


Enjoy some more pictures of what a fully loaded van looks like!


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