Family Faith Playlist

Family Faith Playlists

During this time of physical/social distancing, we find it necessary to stay home and yet, may be missing the day to day normal weekly interactions with our family and friends in school, church and in our community.  We can use this time for deepening our faith through worship, prayer and Bible study.

To that end, we are introducing a new online Sunday school offering called Family Faith Playlists. Because we cannot have in person Sunday school this fall, Family Faith Playlists offers families an opportunity to stay connected with one another and continue to build the foundational relationships that are such an important part of our faith formation.

The playlists are available in three different modules: Foundational Bible Stories, Growing in Faith and Outreach. Scroll down to the links below to check out each one. Every playlist includes a Bible story, videos, discussion questions and several activities that you can do at home.  We have a range of activities available in the different playlists including devotionals, downloadable printouts, books, fun surprises and links to additional resources.  These playlists are designed to be flexible – pick the videos and activities that work best for you. You can do just one, work through the whole list, or do anything in between! Resources are labeled with suggested age ranges.

There are two ways to participate.
1. Use the playlists at home with your immediate family.
2. Join a small group of up to 4 families and use the playlists together. Click the button below to sign up. You can pick a specific small group or ask to be assigned to one. Once the groups are formed, they can determine how and when they will gather to do the playlists together. Pick the time and place that works best for your families. We suggest that families take turns leading the whole group in a playlist, so the responsibilities are shared.

Click on this link to learn how to use the Family Faith Playlists: Guide for using Family Faith Playlists



Playlists in this module focus on the four weeks of Advent, helping us prepare our mind and hearts for Christ’s birth.

Growing in Faith

Playlists in this module focus on virtues like courage, hope, and patience that grow as we develop the fruits of the Spirit.

Foundational Bible Stories

Playlists in this module focus on some of the key Bible stories from the Old and New Testament that everyone should know! This module will also be updated with appropriate stories during seasons of the church year like Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter. You’ll find new ways to engage with these old stories for folks at every stage of their faith journey.


Playlists on this track focus on the Bible’s call to serve others. This module also includes three anti-racism lessons that help make connections between the Bible and the diversity of our world.