Life Remodeled – October 7

It’s another six-day neighborhood cleanup!  We are looking forward to working with our friends on October 7, 1-5 pm to clean up a block near Durfee Innovation Society.   This is our third year in this neighborhood.   It is a hands-on event that can be done safely: we will only be doing outdoor yard work this year.  Life Remodeled has put in place many changes to keep it extra safe.  Details about safety are below and on our signup page.  Our group is limited to 30 people and we welcome community volunteers too – so please sign up early.

Click on this link to sign up today!

Beautiful weather is anticipated.

The City of Detroit’s blight removal program is second to none, however COVID-19 has brought about significant budget cuts. That said, it’s just not possible for vacant properties to be maintained weekly at this time in our city’s history, and we need the help of volunteers like you to continue investing in the neighborhoods surrounding the one stop shop of opportunity that we’ve created together–the Durfee Innovation Society.

Life Remodeled is looking out for the safety of all participants with the following rules.

  • Volunteers will be distanced at least 10 feet at all times.
  • All tools will be pre-sanitized before use.
  • Volunteers will drive their own vehicles to the project site.
  • Each volunteer team will work on one block, and one block only. Blocks will be limited to 10-30 individuals per block, to keep volunteers spread apart.
  • No tool swapping/sharing will take place. Whichever tool you use that day (lawn mower, weed whacker, loppers, rake or shovel) will be used by you and you only.
  • Volunteers are required to bring their own masks, gloves and water. There will be additional masks, gloves and plenty of water available

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