Outreach Activities

GPMC Outreach – A Hands-on Ministry

The Outreach Ministry at GPMC is open to all members and we encourage every member to find a way to participate.  This will be different in the “Time of Coronavirus” but we trust all of you will find a way to continue the Outreach Ministry of GPMC.




Pray.   The first and best thing we can do during the epidemic is to pray.

Our relationship with our Lord and our relationships with each other come first.  We do this more individually now. Make it a priority in your life.



Follow the Guidelines.   A very important thing we can do during the epidemic is to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. Do your part!  Stay physically distant as much as possible.  Wear a mask when you are with others indoors.  Be responsible.  Care for your family, friends and neighbors, in a safe way.


Advocate.   Our commitment to justice in the world doesn’t stop when we stay physically apart.  We have more time to call, email, and write letters.

Contact our leaders about issues that matter to you. Be part of the change happening all around us!


Donate Funds.   Donate directly to a charitable organization OR give it to the church for its work, OR give it to the Outreach Council to share with our partners.

Many places have seen greater need (food banks), greater expenses (PPE), have fewer volunteers, and aren’t able to fundraise with their usual events.


Donate Items.  Soon, Outreach will be able to use the lobby again for collections.   We know some closets have been cleaned out recently.  We can help!

We’ll put our most urgent partner needs in the bulletin with drop off times.  Probable collections will include: jeans, twin sheets, winter coats, socks, school supplies, paper and soap products.


Donate Time.    For those in a low-risk group (18-59), there ARE places to volunteer.   Check the GPMC Home Page blog posts, the right hand banner of this Outreach page and the 313 Calling Page.  Or consider volunteering directly by tutoring or joining any of our partners listed on the Outreach Links Page.

 The Outreach Council will continue posting events when we can do it safely.  If you have ideas for upcoming events, contact Sue Acton.


We want every member to know the joy of service to others.

Want to find out more? Upcoming events are noted on this website. Also, subscribe to the church email, check the monthly Carillon or the weekly bulletin, pick up an Outreach brochure, check the Outreach bulletin board. Or email Sue Acton to find something “just right” for you.

Outreach at GPMC – A Ministry of Sharing Gifts

The Outreach Ministry at GPMC has members who understand the importance of sharing our financial blessings with partners involved in mission. Session and Trustees vote a tithe of our annual budget, supplemented by bequests, hunger offerings, shared mission contributions, and special offerings. Want to be involved? Here are three ways.

Join the Outreach Council – The Outreach Council researches and directs funding to those we call partner organizations, many of which are noted on the Outreach Links page. Everyone on the council has a voice and vote in directing these funds. The Outreach Brochure lets you know the recipients of our largest donations. If you want to be involved or you want the full list of our YTD gifts, email Sue Acton.

Hunger Offerings – Vote with your checkbook. The Outreach Council selects twelve local organizations every year as Hunger Offering recipients, but you decide how much each one will receive. How? Every dollar you contribute during the month goes directly to that highlighted partner. Bonus: the Outreach Council will match that donation, up to $2,000 per month.

Direct Your Support – The most important way you contribute financially is through your church pledge and annual giving. But if, after you have made that commitment, you believe our church Outreach should have even more support, please give generously: through a gift to “Shared Mission,” or to our annual “Easter Offering,” or donate funds and goods such as hygiene kits, food for Shelter Week, supplies for those going to Cuba, whenever the opportunity arises.

“If you want your money to be thoughtfully and prayerfully directed, give it to the church”