Alternative Gifts

GPMC has a long tradition of offering Alternative Gifts during Advent.  These are cards offered for purchase, at $5 each, to give to friends and family who “have everything” and would love to know of a donation made in their name.  Matching the donation to their interests adds a personal touch.

The Outreach Council has chosen five partners to support with this effort and has even voted to match your donations up to $1,500.

You make the donation online by going to the Give Now tab on the website.  After you complete the billing section, select Donation Recipient = Alternative Gifts, then tell us how to direct your gift in the Comments section.   Name one or more recipient.  If you miss giving us instructions, your donation will be equally divided.


After you have made your donation, simply download the card or cards that you would like, print, and send.

Click on the name of the partner listed below to download a pdf version of the card to print.  You may send the cards with any standard 5¾ x 43/8 ( ¼ page) envelope.

If DIY (do-it-yourself) does not work for you, email Sue Acton with your card request and she will arrange for a delivery by our committee OR arrange a pick up at church.

Fort Street Open Door-2020 – Your donation will purchase socks for the homeless who come to the Open Door program on Thursdays.

Living Waters for the World – 2020Your contribution will help to purchase a clean water system for a community in need.

Second Mile Center – 2020 – Your donation will purchase socks and undies for the children in need in the program.

Warm Hearts – 2020 Your contribution will help girls from Nairobi Kenya learn the skill of tailoring and leave the Kibera slums for new lives

 Young Adult Volunteer – 2020 –This donation will support workers in the YAV program of the PC(USA).

Many thanks to our Alternative Gifts Committee for figuring out how to make this work in 2020 and for being the elves who will make deliveries to you (locally, please) if you just ask.

Peggy Dettlinger – GPC

Heather Klepp – GPP

Michele Ondersma – GPW


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